Watch: Humanoid Robot Asks for Directions, Manages to Navigate the City

The robot relies on tips provided by pedestrians to get from A to B

A team of German researchers has recently introduced the general public to a new robot that can supposedly get from one part of a city to another simply by asking pedestrians for directions.

As the video explains, this humanoid robot collects the information provided by the people it encounters on the street and uses it to navigate the city.

Naturally, this means that the robot is fully capable of distinguishing between people and other things that might happen to cross its path while on the street.

Moreover, it is able to make head and tail of its surroundings and can “utter” complete sentences.

Due to the fact that this humanoid robot has a moving mouth, moving eyelids and even eyebrows, it seems that the general public responded quite well to its presence and took the time to interact with it.

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