Watch: How to Wash Your Hands While in Space

Chris Hadfield shows how astronauts wash their hands in zero-gravity

This video was posted online only a few days ago, and it is already causing quite a stir, most likely because science and space enthusiasts worldwide are utterly fascinated by how astronauts have managed to wash their hands while in zero-gravity.

The video shows astronaut Chris Hadfield using a so-called no rinse body bath to clean his hands. As one can easily notice, the astronaut begins by squirting out some of this solution, which forms a ball and heads towards the ceiling.

As quickly as possible, Chirs Hadfield grabs said floating ball and rubs it on his hands. He then grabs a towel and dries himself.

“The process is sort of like being in a sailboat and you need a clean, it's kind of the same thing,” Chris Hadfield says.

Should anyone be interested in how astronauts have managed to clip their nails while floating about in space, check out this video here.

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