Watch How Cars Are Parked in Russia

Videomaker films parking lot where no one follows the rules

There are plenty of videos of drivers doing erratic turns, flipping and crashing in mother Russia. However, YouTuber Leak shows us how Russians park their cars.

The “Parking In Russia” clip has barely been watched 6,000 times in two weeks, but I believe that it deserves a lot more attention.

The camera holder goes across the lot, and, while dozens of vehicles are stationed there, none of them is parked correctly.

In most areas, drivers would have had plenty of space to follow the white lines, but it appears that they don't believe in being guided by arbitrary lines painted on the street.

I wonder if everyone in Russia parks their vehicles in six seconds or less and is in a hurry to get out.

Another explanation is that this is the parking lot next to an Apple store and everyone is rushing to get in line for the new iPhoneS5.

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