Watch: Hot Dog Thrown on Ice Disrupts Shootout in Bruins-Devils Game

The projectile made Devils' Johan Hedberg miss a shot

The Bruins-Devils game on Tuesday, January 29, was interrupted when a fan threw a hot dog just as Bruins' player Tyler Seguin was getting ready to score.

The projectile caught Johan Hedberg off-guard, and the puck went right past him. notes that Seguin's shot was thrown out, and he had to try to make it pass the Devils' goalie again.

As it happens, he did score one more time, perhaps because Hedberg was thrown off. All in all, that lone flying hot dog made Bruins' fans' day.

Watch the entire scene in the video attached to this article, as the last sequence contains footage of the fan responsible for the hot dog incident. Despite efforts by TD Garden security teams, he hasn't been identified yet.

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