Watch: Hilarious “What If Wild Animals Ate Fast Food” Video

The video is meant to teach people all about the consequences of having a poor diet

As explained by countless (and rather tedious, I might add) scientific studies, fast food is bad for one's health.

More precisely, burgers, fries and fizzy drinks are nothing if not likely to make one's waistline gain some very unhealthy inches.

However, it often happens that people simply dismiss such studies, and carry on with their regular eating routine.

The video above might help raise some awareness with respect to the consequences of eating a tad too much fast food, not by forwarding purely scientific arguments but by showing people what would happen if wild animals were to take up such dietary habits.

As one viewer explains, the video was not initially meant to make a case against eating fatty foods.

However, few can argue against the fact that it is quite successful in serving this purpose.

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