Watch: Hilarious Scottie Puppy Pinwheel Goes Viral

The pooches simply love drinking milk and spinning at the same time

This video was first posted online a few hours ago, and people seem to really dig it. In all fairness, how could one possibly not enjoy looking at these pooches as they gulp down some milk and keep spinning at the same time.

Those who've seen the video are quite convinced that the puppies are only spinning because each and every one of them is firmly convinced that the milk tastes better in its brother's or sister's side of the bowl.

“Good thing one of them wasn't left-handed,” reads a comment to this footage. “And thus, on this day, we discover a renewable source of energy. Harness the power of the Scottie pinwheel!” another one says.

From where I stand, adding just a tad more goat milk in that bowl would probably be more than enough to make these scotties spin up to the point of blast off.

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