Watch Here Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony E3 2014 Press Conferences Live Streams

The official Twitch live stream as well as the individual broadcasts are available

E3 2014 officially kicks off tomorrow, June 10, when the doors of the Los Angeles Convention Center open, but many big gaming companies are hosting their own E3 2014 press conferences today, June 9, in the form of Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony, which will all make their key announcements to the world.

Fortunately for those who aren't members of the media or who haven't been invited to these press events, all four companies are offering fans around the world the chance to check out their conferences via multiple live streams and direct broadcasts.

In order to make sure that you won't miss a thing, we here at Softpedia have created a special guide for those who are stuck at home or at work and want to check out the conferences for Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, or Sony.

The first company to hold a press event later today is Microsoft, which kicks things off at 9:30am PT (12:30pm ET, 16:30pm GMT) at the Galen Center in L.A.

You can follow the official live stream on the Xbox website, but don't forget that you can also check it out straight from your Xbox 360 or Xbox One consoles by visiting the linked conference in the dashboard. You can also use the Windows Phone applications or check out the Spike TV cable channel for a live broadcast.

Electronic Arts is the next company to hold its press conference for E3 2014 today, as it will kick things off at 12:00pm PT (3pm ET, 7pm GMT). The event takes place at the Shrine Auditorium and will be live streamed on the official EA website.

Ubisoft continues the busy day at 3pm PDT (6pm ET, 10pm GMT) at the Orpheum Theatre. The French publisher will not be live streaming its event via the official website, relying on other external outlets to transmit the event, such as Twitch, the official partner of E3 2014.

Closing the day will be Sony at 6pm PT (9pm ET, 2am GMT June 10) at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. The company will stream the event on the Ustream service, but it also allows other outlets and Twitch to broadcast the press conference to the world.

In case you don't want to surf or browse around today, you can just admire the official Twitch live stream embedded below, which begins at 9:30am with the Xbox E3 2014 media briefing and continues throughout the day with the other conferences, as well as with special segments dedicated to games like Hotline Miami 2, Battlefield Hardline, Battlecry, The Witcher 3, or Dying Light.

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