Watch: Golden Eagle Tries to Snatch Kid in a Park

An eagle swerves towards a family sitting in a park in Montreal, Canada

A child escapes from what could have been a tragedy, as he is grabbed by a Golden Eagle, while sitting in a park in Montreal, Canada.

You can see as the eagle approaches the baby, and the father is filming the entire incident. As he notices the bird beginning to swerve down, and head it for his family, he panics and runs towards it. The baby is lifted in the air for a few moments, but it appears the eagle lets go soon after.

According to News Australia, the golden eagle is the largest bird of prey in North America. It usually goes after smaller birds, rabbits, squirrels and fish.

Many are claiming this video is a fake, as the father's reaction seems to be too detached and a little late. After all, he stops to admire the bird instead of running to protect his family as he sees it approach them. If you didn't catch the sequence, it is played in small motion at the end of the clip.

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