Watch: Gangnam Greenpeace Style

Environmentalists aboard the Rainbow Warrior join the “Gangnam Style” madness

Several environmentalists working with Greenpeace decided to make a spoof version of the viral sensation Psy's Gangnam Style.

The video was shot aboard the Rainbow Warrior while the crew was out on a mission to document illegal fishing practices in the Indian Ocean.

“Having been out at sea for three weeks, it was a while before we found out about 'gangnam style,” reads a blogpost on the organization's official website.

Furthermore, “We decided that making our own version would be a great way to reach new people and spread our oceans campaign message.”

Apparently, Greenpeace hopes that, since Psy and his song are so darn popular on YouTube nowadays, their message concerning the need to safeguard marine biodiversity will also he heard and given due consideration by people in various parts of the world.

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