Watch Full Video of TrustyCon

The Trustworthy Technology Conference has been a complete success

TrustyCon, or the Trustworthy Technology Conference, the event launched after some experts decided to boycott the RSA Conference in light of news regarding a possible collaboration between RSA and the NSA, has been a success.

After the introduction made by Alex Stamos and Cindy Cohn, F-Secure’s Mikko Hypponen, one of the first experts to cancel their RSA engagement, took the stage. Hypponen, who in the past attended numerous RSA conferences as a speaker, has revealed that he will not take the stage at the RSA Conference any time soon.

At TrustyCon, the expert talked about how the use and development of malware by governments was transforming the cyber scene.

After Hypponen, Christopher Soghoian and Marcia Hofmann held a talk on “The laws and ethics of trustworthy technology.” World renowned cryptography experts Bruce Schneier, Garrett Robinson, Yan Zhu, Chris Palmer, Dan Boneh, Steve Weis, Jeff Moss and Ed Felten also took the stage.

Many of the TrustyCon speakers have highlighted the fact that they understand the need for surveillance. However, what they don’t agree with is the fact that intelligence agencies are spying on everyone.

The complete video recording of TrustyCon has been published on YouTube. Pictures and tweets posted during the event are available on Eventifier.

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