Watch: Freediver Swims Alongside Great White Shark

The young woman and the shark are perfectly at ease with each other

The footage above made it online on February 14, just in time for Valentine's Day. Apparently, this was not a mere coincidence, but a way of showing that sharks are creatures worthy of our love and admiration.

Ocean Ramsay, the freediver featured in this video, has been swimming alongside great white sharks since she was 14 years old.

Seeing how sharks have never displayed any aggressive behavior towards her, she is having difficulties understanding why most people regard them as some sort of fierce enemies that must be avoided and/or destroyed.

“A lot can be said between two creatures that don't speak the same language.”

“Even without eye contact, hanging on to the dorsal fin allowed me to feel the sharks’ subtle unseen movements; feeling the way the water displaced as we glided together, and the gentle but strong swaying of the sharks’ caudal fin (tail) so careful not to kick me as I released my hold,” Ocean Ramsay commented with respect to this experience.

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