Watch: Fox Cub Gets Its Head Stuck in a Jar, Asks People for Help

Once freed from the jar, the fox cub makes a quick getaway in the nearby forest

Word has it that foxes are really clever animals and, judging by this video, this particular rumor is not far from the truth.

The clip above shows a fox cub asking to be rescued by several men walking about a forested area. The cub needs help because it somehow managed to get its head stuck inside a jar.

Foxes might be smart, but they don't have opposable thumbs (or hands, for that matter), so the baby fox had little chances of getting its head out of the jar on its own.

Luckily for the animal, the people it came across were more than willing to help. As soon as it was freed from the jar, the baby fox darted into the nearby forest.

For some reason, I suspect it will never again go anywhere near a jar.

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