Watch: First 4 Minutes of “Warm Bodies”

Extended preview promises a funny, possibly solid zom-rom-com

One of the most hyped rom-coms of 2013 is actually a zombie movie. Dubbed a zom-rom-com, “Warm Bodies” is the love story between a zombie with a conscience and a mortal girl. Kind of like “Twilight,” only without vampires.

Above is a brand new, extended preview for the film: the first 4 minutes of it, released by Summit entertainment to promote it.

It shows R (Nicholas Hoult, one of the most incredibly handsome zombies I have ever seen in my life – on screen, that is), wandering through an airport populated by other zombies and the so-called Bonies, which would be like the next step in zombie evolution.

The film starts off right after the Apocalypse, with R voicing some concern that he’s stuck to being a zombie for eternity: lonely, shut out from the world and, most importantly, lost.

For an undead that has so much trouble saying “hungry,” R sure is talkative in the voiceover.

“Warm Bodies” is directed by Jonathan Levine (“50/50”) and is based on a script after a book by Isaac Marion. It will be out on February 1. Enjoy!

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