Watch: “Exxon Hates Your Children” Ad

Exxon only cares about making profits, this satiric ad says

Oil Change International recently resealed a new video intended to raise awareness with respect to how Exxon and other similar oil companies only care about making a profit.

As this ad puts it, “Exxon hates your children,” meaning that this particular oil company is not in the least interested in issues such as climate change, global warming and the world future generations will be forced to live in.

Several studies have shown that environmental pollution can cause children to develop asthma and also impairs their growth.

Therefore, Exxon's refusal to green up its working agenda can be regarded as proof enough that public health is by no means of any concern to them, the video argues.

Apparently, the people who put together this ad are now looking into the possibility of having it broadcasted on television, Green Auto Blog says.

However, there are some who argue that Oil Change International might have taken the satire and the mockery a tad too far.

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