Watch: Epic Glacier Collapse Goes Viral

This impressive video was shot towards the end of January in Argentina's Patagonia region

The video above shows a rather ginormous chunk of the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina's Patagonia region collapsing in the waters right beneath it.

Needless to say, the block of ice caused quite a splash when it hit the water, which is why most people now label this event as an epic glacier collapse.

Travelers Today informs us that the footage was shot on January 19 by a run-of-the-mill visitor to these regions.

Apparently, this man only brought his camera because he wished to record some bits and pieces of the local scenery, and never expected that he might get to witness such an impressive event.

Just for the record, this particular glacier acts fairly similar to a dam, meaning that it cuts off Lake Argentino from Brazo Rico. Because of this, researchers tend to think about it as being one of its kind.

“This glacier is somewhat unique in that its path takes it across an arm of a large lake. Most glaciers don't have such trajectories, so bridging and tunneling, at least at this scale, is rather rare,” NASA scientist Jim Foster recently told members of the press.

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