Watch: Empty New York City Time Lapse, Before Superstorm Sandy

Penn Station, Wall Street and Central Park are vacant, as they can rarely be seen

YouTube user Thrash Lab uploaded this time-lapse video to YouTube, one week ago, to much acclaim. The video has already received almost 400,000 views.

Creators relayed a vacant New York, gathering shots from Penn Station, Wall Street, Central Park, Times Square, The Met and Fifth Avenue, right before superstorm Sandy hit the Big Apple.

The clip is mesmerizing and brilliantly edited, and opens the viewer's mind up to a parallel reality, in which one of the busiest cities in the world was silenced. In part, that happened in the days that came after the video, but vibrant New York always bounces back. The soundtrack is provided by David Adametz, the description reads.

Trash Lab have prepared similar clips to recreate deserted versions of Washington, Seattle and San Francisco, as part of their Empty America series.

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