Watch: Duck Dynasty Rolls Out Product for Vegans

The carrot call is “specifically designed to mimic the call of the wild carrot”

Following Morrissey's canceling on Kimmel on account of his being utterly appalled at the thought that he would have to be in the same room as the cast of Duck Dynasty, the latter have decided to poke some fun at the rocker and his love for all living and breathing animals.

Hence their mockingly pretending to roll out a so-called carrot call which is “specifically designed to mimic the call of the wild carrot.”

Duck's Dynasty picking on Morrissey and vegans begins at 1:30, yet until then, you get the chance to hear Jimmy Kimmel explaining why he chose not to push Duck Dynasty out of his show just to please the rocker.

His explanation is fairly simple, and I'm sure many would agree with Kimmel on this one: the members of Duck Dynasty have guns.

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