Watch: Dolphins Help Lost Seal Get Back Home

Were it not for these dolphins, the seal would have died

This video is part and parcel of a series of documentaries titled Return to Shark Island and shows a group of dolphins helping out a seal which swam a bit too far from the shoreline.

As one can easily notice, the seal is having difficulties gathering the strength it needs in order to safely return to her home, and only manages to swim back with the help of these dolphins.

As the video explains, dolphins are known to be rather helpful creatures, and it often happens that they take time from their otherwise busy schedule just to lend a helping fin to people and other animals who find themselves in distress.

“How lovely. I wish more animals, namely humans, showed such kind behavior,” reads one comment to this video.

Granted, the man narrating the incident makes it all sound strikingly similar to an Edgar Allan Poe story, yet this does not change the fact that the dolphins' behavior is impressive, to say the least.

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