Watch: Dolphins Form Life Raft to Help Dying Comrade

The dolphins did their best to try to keep the injured group member from drowning

The video above shows how one group of dolphins decide to form a so-called life raft in order to help a dying comrade. Thus, these witty marine mammals are pretty much doing their best to try to keep the injured dolphin from drowning.

This footage was shot back in 2008 by researchers working with the Kyum Park of the Cetacean Research Institute, yet for one reason or another, the general public is only now given the opportunity to have a look at it.

As the marine scientists who caught this incident on tape explain, the dying dolphin was a female that seemed unable to move its flippers. Furthermore, it looks like the animal was constantly tipping from one side to another.

Unfortunately, its group's efforts to keep it from drowning only added a few minutes to this dolphin's life. Thus, the injured female eventually died.

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