Watch Dogs Release Date, Special and Collector's Editions Leaked

Get special single-player missions and multiplayer DLC through these versions

Watch Dogs will receive a Special and a Collector's Edition, at least according to a new retailer listing. These versions include different bonuses and DLC and will appear on November 21.

Watch Dogs is out at the end of the year for the PC, as well as for current and next-generation consoles like the PS3 or Xbox 360, and the PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720.

Now, after hearing quite a lot of details about the game and its mechanics, the Special and Collector's Editions of Watch Dogs have appeared online at two different retailers.

First up is the Watch Dogs Special Edition via GameMania, which apparently includes a free single-player mission called Breakthrough that rewards players upon completion with a Vehicle Expert perk.

Check out the translated description of the mission below.

"There is secret meeting going on. The Chicago Club does power negotiations with CEOs of large companies. The club has hired scramblers to block. Monitoring devices Race through the city to find the scramblers and take them out. Grab all the names of those attending the meeting and upload their photographs for the rest of the world. After completing the mission you get the Vehicle Expert perk: Get free vehicles through your Underground Car Contact and get discounts on exclusive cars."

Another retailer, Wog, has posted a list of things included in the Watch Dogs Collector's Edition, ranging from special DLC, to a figurine of protagonist Aiden, and much more, so check out the list below.

- Silver, Gold & Platinum DLC

- Aiden Figurine

- Original Soundtrack

- Artbook

- Steelbook

- Interactive Map of Chicago

- 3 Faction Badges

- 4 "Augmented Reality" Cards

Last but not least, a NeoGAF forum member has also posted two images depicting more DLC for the game, including a Multiplayer pack that brings new skins, perks, and faction tags, as well as a Uplay rewards add-on that has a 1920s Chicago Outfit plus a Tommy Gun, as well as Cyberpunk outfit and a regular gun.

As of yet, Ubisoft has not commented on these leaks.

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