Watch: Dog Hates Wedding Rings, Is Utterly Terrified by Them

Riley seems to have serious commitment issues, goes ballistic when he sees a ring

There is a common misconception that men and men alone (and perhaps some women) are the only ones that get to experience commitment issues every once in a while.

Still, it seems that some dogs also develop anxieties concerning matrimony, hence this hilarious video showing a Vizsla's reaction to a ring.

When presented with a wedding ring, Riley pretty much goes ballistic and starts barking at it, most likely in an attempt to scare it off and make it go look for someone else's paw to rest on.

Truth be told, it may very well be that Riley only hates the noise made by the wedding ring when it spins on the table.

On the other hand, it is infinitely more entertaining to imagine that it just isn't ready to plunge into a committed relationship.

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