Watch: Dog Fetches the Paper as Soon as Postman Shows Up

A golden retriever grabbing a newspaper will make your day

I stumbled across this awesome video of a golden retriever fetching a paper to take to his owner. The clip was uploaded to YouTube 3 days ago, garnering over 220,000 views so far.

User bsgtrekfan88 hints that he works as a postman, and is always greeted by the dog as soon as he arrives at its owners' residence. He even describes it as “the best part of [his] day” in the clip's title.

“Well I stop for a delivery and look who I see! Delivery on this rout has a special friend who always does this,” the video caption reads.

This is a welcome change from other stories involving dogs I covered lately, such as the one about 26 pit bulls used for fights, rescued by Animal Services in Florida. An endearing photo of one of the wounded pit bulls, found chained to a fence in someone's backyard, was posted online.

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