Watch: “Dog Eat Dog,” Starring Zachary Quinto

The video is based on the story of how Zachary Quinto adopted his first dog

Only yesterday, Petsami released Zachary Quinto's “Dog Eat Dog” short movie, whose sole purpose is that of drawing some attention with respect to how very special the relationship established between an individual and his adopted pet can grow to be.

Interestingly enough, this film is actually based on the story of how actor/producer Zachary Quinto came to adopt his first dog, Noah.

“The story of the film is an exaggerated account of how I eventually found my rescue dog Noah, but it still reflects a bit of the reality I faced when I was looking to adopt a shelter dog,” Zachary Quinto said.

“Additionally, we are incredibly honored to have Philip Baker Hall and Sharon Wilkins, both pet lovers themselves, join us to make the film,” he went on to add.

From where I stand, this short film is both fun and highly educational. To put it bluntly, “Dog Eat Dog” is nothing if not worth 10 minutes of one's time.

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