Watch: Daredevil Skier Backflips His Way out of an Avalanche

This stunning footage was shot during this year's Swatch Skiers Cup

During this year's Swatch Skiers Cup, daredevil Sverre Liliequist managed to avoid getting caught in an avalanche by executing a backflip and staying just ahead of some impressive amounts of snow that for one reason or another had decided to trail him.

Truth be told, just watching this footage makes people get goosebumps, which is why many are having a rather difficult time understanding how it was exactly that this skier managed to keep his cool when finding himself in this dangerous situation.

Rumor has it that, following his dealing with the avalanche in this amazing manner, Sverre Liliequist got a most befitting nickname: “The Swedish Butcher.”

“Simply amazing! I yelled and threw my arms up in the air!” a viewer describes his reaction to watching this video. “In case of avalanche do backflip,” reads another comment.

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