Watch: Cockatoo Makes and Uses Tool to Get Food

The bird was born and raised in captivity, shows signs of wittiness

Figaro, a captive-bred Goffin's cockatoo, ended up amazing Austrian researchers after it proved that it was fully capable of manufacturing and using tools in order to get food or other objects that otherwise would have remained out of its reach.

Apparently, it all started when Figaro dropped a pebble it was playing with outside of its enclosure, and had to figure out a way of getting it back.

Thus, the bird simply picked up a stick and used it to get the pebble back.

As seen in the video, this cockatoo later on figured out the fact that it could make its own tools by “sculpting” the wood found in its proximity.

This has allowed it to make sure it always chooses the right tool for the job without having to spend days on end searching for the perfect stick.

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