Watch: “Cheryl Cole – Access All Areas” Documentary in Full

Pop star allows cameras in for her first-ever solo tour

She’s famous, she’s popular, she’s young and she’s gorgeous. For the first time since she started her career in the spotlight, Cheryl Cole is also getting frank with her fans through a brand new documentary.

Shot for television and called simply “Cheryl Cole – Access All Areas,” the entire documentary is available in full above.

It shows Cheryl preparing for her first-ever solo tour, while also offering fans an insight into the kind of hard work that goes into a lifestyle of which they usually see only the glamorous part.

Cheryl is shown in the most intimate moments (well, not the most but you get the idea), talking to her team about her show, rehearsing with the dancers and worrying over an injury her dancer boyfriend sustained.

All in all, it’s an interesting way to spend 45 minutes of your life even if you’re not a fan. Enjoy!

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