Watch: Cheetahs Stretch Their Legs on a Horse Racing Track

The staff at the Houston Zoo wanted the big cats to behave as they would in the wild

Looking after wild animals in captivity is not an easy thing to do, especially if one wants them to be both healthy and pleased with their lives.

This is why the staff at the Houston Zoo recently decided to allow two 5-year-old cheetahs to stretch their legs at the Sam Houston Race Park.

The two big cats are brothers, and zoo keepers explain that, according to several studies, they need to push their limits and exercise every once in a while, otherwise their bodies would fail on them sooner than one might want or expect.

Seeing how running at top speeds is part and parcel of a cheetah's natural behavior, it need not surprise us that these two big cats really seem to be enjoying themselves and that food is the only thing that can make them quit running.

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