Watch: Celebrity Wife Swap with Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson in Full

Controversial episode airs, isn’t really that controversial

A short while ago, word got out online that Kate Gosselin’s 8 children were positively traumatized after she agreed to be on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap, swapping places with Kendra Wilkinson. The episode has finally aired and, well, it doesn’t really seem all that controversial as early reports said it would be.

Check it out in full below.

Of course, there was plenty of drama to go around, but that was only to be expected considering how different these two women are: one (Gosselin) is a bit of a control freak who lives her life by a set of strict rules, all of which she believes are necessary to be able to raise 8 kids on her own.

The other (Wilkinson) is a pampered mom of one and wife who has all kinds of stuff done for her, and she just enjoys her life.

Chaos is bound to erupt when their words collide but, in the end, there’s a lesson for each as well: Kendra learns that rules have their purpose, while Kate admits that she should relax more often, take better care of herself.

Check it out.

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