Watch: Catfish Hunt, Catch and Eat Pigeon

The European catfish jumps out of the water to secure its next meal

When it comes to scary predators which jump out of the water in order to secure their next meal, most people think about great white sharks and their very distinctive method of hunting seals.

However, it seems that the European catfish is equally scary, especially if one happens to be a pigeon that wanted nothing more than to enjoy a day at the beach.

As the video shows, the European catfish approached the pigeon, waits for the right opportunity to present itself, and then jumps from the water and sinks its teeth into the naive bird that failed to realize that perhaps it would be best to fly away.

According to scientists working with the University of Toulouse in France, such attacks are only successful about 28% of the times, Huffington Post reports. Still, the moment when one catfish actually manages to catch a pigeon is impressive, to say the least.

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