Watch: Cat Uses Force Field to Keep Dog at Bay

The cat need only look at the dog to make it back off

Cats and dogs have a long history of fighting over various things, yet in this hilarious video, it seems like the dog is the only one doing the fighting.

This is because the cat looks like it has somehow managed to unlock the secrets behind putting up a force field, which it is now using to defend both itself and its toy.

In all fairness, the cat behaves as if the toy hardly matters anything to it (it yawns, stretches and almost falls asleep), so my guess is that it simply does not want the dog to get its paws on the ball and be happy.

Granted, this footage does not have anything green/eco about it, unless someone wants to make a case of how dogs and cats are highly entertaining and should not be treated badly, but it is funny nonetheless and no giggles ever harmed anybody.

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