Watch: Cat Is Too Fat to Get Out of the Bathtub

Its owners simply laugh at it, film the entire incident

Most people are not aware of it, yet overfeeding one's pet counts as animal abuse just as much as starving it does.

This is why this video showing a cat, which is simply too fat to get out of the bathtub on its own, is bound to cause some people to at least frown.

Despite its struggles, the not-so-slender feline cannot gain momentum, and remains stuck in the tub. As one can easily notice, it is not very happy about the situation it finds itself in.

Interestingly enough, the cat's owners simply laugh at it and settle for filming the entire incident rather than helping the cat.

Granted, pets can sometimes be quite funny, but having a few laughs on account of one's dog or cat should not go hand in hand with stressing the animal and making it feel uncomfortable.

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