Watch: Cat Has the Most Obnoxious Way Ever of Knocking on a Door

The feline uses its hind legs to get people to open the door for it

The video above was first posted online several days ago, yet it took a while for it to switch from being just another cat video to being a viral sensation.

By the looks of it, this cat simply cannot take “no” for an answer and does its best to annoy whomever might be on the other side of the door to such an extent not much else remains to be done except let the feline in.

While some kittens resort to meowing and scratching the door, this cat uses its hind legs to pound it. Needless to say, this method helps it produce endlessly more noise.

“I love how the other cats are all hanging around, waiting, like 'Do the thing, dude, so we can get in,'” reads one comment to this video.

From where I stand, the person who owns this feline is basically dealing with the cat version of Thumper. And if you don't know who Thumper is, check out the video below (the resemblance is obvious at about 1:40).

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