Watch: Cat Enjoying a Hockey Game Will Not Be Disturbed

This feline will not tolerate anyone's interfering with his game watching routine

They say most pets end up looking like their owners. Should this statement be true to facts, one can only assume that whoever this feline belongs to is quite fond of chilling on the couch and enjoying the occasional hockey game.

The video was posted online roughly a day ago, and it has already managed to score tens of thousands of views.

This is because Dave, as the cat featured in it is named, appears to be utterly at ease with the world. Not to mention that, apart from watching the game, no other wish seems to be troubling his furry head.

“This is a great video. Thanks for posting. Cats should play ice hockey,” reads one comment to this video.

“I love this. Awesomely adorable cat!” one other viewer wrote.

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