Watch: Cat Battles Crocodile, Wins

The domestic feline punches the crocodile right in its face, the latter backs off

Cat owners are all too familiar with the fact that, when a cat wants something, it will go to incredible lengths just to get its way.

The domestic cat in this video is nothing if not dead sure that it wants to sit right by the water's edge and admire the view.

Hence its chasing away a crocodile that does its best to convey the message that that particular spot is part and parcel of its territory.

The footage was shot at a zoo in Jaipur, India, and the people who got to witness this battle are quite convinced that this feline might just be one of the bravest they have ever seen.

Just for the record, the reptile is actually a gharial, a.ka. a gavial and fish-eating crocodile.

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