Watch: Caffrey the Cat Only Has Two Legs, Both on One Side

Despite this inconvenience, the feline seems more than willing to enjoy life

The Black Persian cat in the video above is named Caffrey, and what makes him so very special and praiseworthy is the fact that, despite his having only two legs, both on one side, he seems quite eager to make the best of life.

Apparently, Caffrey lost his left hind leg soon after being run over by a car. This accident took place when the feline was just three-years-old, and both his owner and the veterinarians hoped that they would manage to rescue his front left leg.

Still, about four months after having his first limb amputated, Caffrey developed some medical complications and the doctors were left with no choice but to get him back into surgery and cut off yet another leg.

According to Caffrey's owner, this kitten does not really care all that much about the fact that it only has two legs, and is quite pleased with his life.

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