Watch: Buffalo Flips Over Lion As If It Were a Pancake

The incident was caught on camera in South Africa's Krueger National Park

As the saying goes, sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes you're the nail. The lion featured in the video above might have been born to be a hammer but, apparently, all it took was one really angry buffalo for it to be turned into a rusty nail.

The footage was shot in South Africa's Krueger National Park by Ian Matheson and his son, Oliver.

As detailed in the video, the lion and one of its buddies stalked a buffalo for nearly three quarters of an hour before they finally managed to pin it to the ground.

Just as they were about to enjoy their meal, two other buffaloes came to see what was happening, and one of them decided to fight the lions and save its comrade.

The brave buffalo charged, and one of the felines that was ill-inspired enough not to make a run for it was sent flying through the air.

As shocking as the sight of a lion being flipped over as if it were a pancake might be, what's even more surprising is that all of the animals that were involved in this incident walked away without suffering any major injuries.

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