Watch: Brazilian Wife Totals Husband's Car for Cheating on Her

A Honda Civic is the innocent victim of an act of revenge

A Honda Civic gets totally smashed in this video, uploaded to YouTube by World Viral Video News 2 days ago.

The clip shows a woman from Brazil totaling the car with a hammer. It looks like this was a labor of hours, as the hammer is quite small and doesn't do a lot of damage.

While she is hammering on, in broad daylight, the red-haired, slim woman is not stopped by anyone. The uploader mentions that she was upset because her husband had cheated on her, and she decided to take it out on his car.

People stop on the sidewalk and in the street and everybody cheers as she pounds the car. Some are even heard laughing, probably sympathetic with how she is feeling. By the end of the video, you can see the windshield is completely destroyed.

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