Watch: Brand New Bad Lip Reading of “Twilight”

Viva la toothy! – this is what non-fans will miss about the franchise

“The Twilight Saga” is over, now that the final installment, “Breaking Dawn Part 2,” is out in theaters. While Twi-hards are in mourning, non-fans are most likely upset that parodies like the one above will no longer be possible.

Regardless of whatever merits fans or critics attribute to the “Twilight” film franchise, it’s undeniable that it spanned some of the coolest, funniest parodies ever. Bad Lip Readings are included here.

Last we talked about one such Bad Lip Reading, it was made with scenes from the first film in the franchise. The video above is from “New Moon,” the second and lowest-grade installment in the series.

Trust me, it’s hilarious. Not only does Jake admit he’s not good-looking, but he also finds himself in a position when he has to chase Bella to lend him her hairspray.

Also, Bella doesn’t get a Christmas present. Viva la toothy!

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