Watch: Bob Barker Wants Pennsylvania to End Live Pigeon Shoots

Shooting pigeons just for the fun of it is a “barbaric act,” Bob Barker says

89-year-old Bob Barker is yet to understand why some people would even consider shooting pigeons just for the fun of it.

The animal activist has recently teamed up with green group Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK, for short).

The result of this collaboration is a video urging legislators in Pennsylvania to pass a bill that would put an end to all such activities.

“Live pigeon shoots held in Pennsylvania are horrific, brutal acts of animal cruelty. Every year, tens of thousands of birds are actually used as living targets and shot,” Bob Barker says.

The former “The Price Is Right” host and SHARK hope that this video will raise some awareness of the cruelty of this sport, and that people will contact legislators and demand that live pigeon shoots be banned as soon as possible.

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