Watch: Bike Hits a Koala, the Animal Escapes Unharmed

The koala simply walks away from the scene of the accident

This video was shot on a highway in Australia only a few days ago and shows how a koala gets hit by a bike, yet still manages to walk away from the scene of the accident without any signs of injury.

Luckily for the animal, the bike was not going very fast and the rider managed to hit the brakes just in time.

These marsupials are presently listed as a vulnerable species, which is why everybody who got a chance to watch this video celebrated the fact that this little fellow escaped from its unexpected brush with death unscathed.

The video was posted online by one of the rider's friends, and one of its viewers came up with a witty and funny comment: “Koala: 'Jaysus Chroist! Watch way ya goein!”

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