Watch: Best Ads at the Super Bowl 2013

As every year, the biggest sporting event of the year brings lots of awesomeness, smiles

We’ve already discussed some of the most awesome and talked about ads that ran during the commercial break at the Super Bowl XLVII, but there were plenty more where those came from.

You will find most of them here, embedded in this blog post.

Either starring huge names (Willem Dafoe as the Devil himself, Paul Rudd, Norman Reedus, and so on) or just regular Joes and Janes (and Space Pandas!), all these ads stand out for being funny, or elaborate or very simple.

What they have in common is that they’re all effective and they all managed to get incredible reactions online from the people at home.

Earlier today, we mentioned the Budweiser “Brotherhood” ad and The Rock’s “Got Milk?” ad that were also received very warmly.


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Mercedes Benz

Speed Stick



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Time Warner Cable

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