Watch: Bad Lip Reading of “Gotta Be You”

Faux “Shadow Pico” indie film gets hilarious faux trailer

One Directioners, try to see the fun side in this. The awesome guys at Bad Lip Reading have just picked on the world’s most famous boyband of the moment, One Direction, and thus delivered another of their hilarious videos.

Check it out above.

It’s a faux trailer for a faux indie movie called “Shadow Pico” and it’s set to the official video to the boys’ single “Gotta Be You.”

“They've captivated the world with their music. Now experience One Direction as you’ve never seen them before. In their first foreign language motion picture,” the intro says.

For an even better experience of the “Shadow Pico” trailer, turn on the captions. You know, because you might not be fluent in gibberish.

I have to admit, this is almost as funny as the Bad Lip Reading of “Twilight.” Check it out and, of course, enjoy!

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