Watch: Baby Rhino Dances Around Its Enclosure

Bys is the first Indian rhino to be born in Poland, seems quite proud of it

About a month ago (on December 25, 2012, to be more precise), the Warsaw zoo in Poland welcomed a new member: a baby Indian rhino.

Given the fact that this baby rhino is the first of its kind ever to be born in Poland, it need not come as a surprise that pretty much everybody is very fond of it.

The video above shows Bys dancing around its enclosure and looking quite at ease with the world.

Granted, it does not (for the time being at least) have the moves like Jagger, yet practice makes perfect and this baby rhino seems more than willing to keep practicing.

Zoo employees say that Bys is set to make its public debut this coming spring. Until then, it is to remain indoors and bond with its mother.

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