Watch: Baby Pandas Learn to Walk

The slippery floor sabotages most of their efforts to get around on all fours

This footage was shot in Chengdu, China for Rock Center, and shows several baby pandas trying to figure out a way to use their legs for something more than just crawling.

Long story short, these pandas are trying to learn how to walk, and most people agree that their efforts to master this means of getting about are nothing if not adorable.

Unfortunately for the baby pandas, the floor is a bit slippery and seems to sabotage their every attempt to get around on all fours.

To be completely honest: it really is a wonder that the pandas don't just give up on the whole idea of learning how to walk and settle for taking a nap instead. I know that's what I'd do.

“Just too cute. So adorable. Love them!” reads one comment to this video. “Can I just get a 24/7 live camera feed on these pandas?” another viewer jokingly asks.

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