Watch: Baby Panda Shows Off Its New Strut

As the cub gains control of its tiny feet, its walking abilities improve

A few days back, the giant panda cub at the San Diego Zoo was busy trying to figure out a way to coordinate its tiny feet, yet only succeeded in crawling along the floor.

Apparently, the baby panda eventually sorted things out and can now show off its new strut.

The staff at the San Diego Zoo are extremely pleased with the cub's progress, and especially with its gaining a few centimeters around its waist.

“His body condition feels good. (...) He has nice fat stores over his spine, his belly is good and full, so he's doing great,” Senior Veterinarian Tracy Clippinger explains.

Now that the cub is finally using all four of its limbs to get around, it seems that its crawling days are over.

As well as this, the people in charge of looking after it say that its teeth are beginning to show.

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