Watch: Baby Panda Desperately Tries to Wake Up Its Mom

Unfortunately for the cub, its mom just wants to sleep

More often than not, moms are the ones who find themselves unable to wake up their adorable young ones.

Still, the video above pretty much overturns this cliché, seeing how the baby panda is the one experiencing some very serious difficulties in waking up its mother.

Truth be told, having a baby does takes its toll on one’s sleep regime, so nobody can truly blame this panda mom for wanting to rest for a while.

The footage was shot at an animal park in Japan, and caused quite a few giggles shortly after it was first posted online about a week ago.

Needless to say, the giggles were stirred by the cubs eventually rolling off of its mother's back and landing feet up on the ground.

“Awww, little roly poly rolled off of Mama!. Poor Baby...tee hee,” reads one comment to this video.

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