Watch: Baby Flung from Car During a Crash with a Truck Survives

A 1-year-old girl with no seat belt on is ejected during a crash

A 1-year-old girl is flung from a car in this frightening clip of a car accident, posted on YouTube. This amazing video comes from Russia, and it was originally uploaded a few days ago.

You can see an SUV skidding on what is probably black ice. The car crashes into an incoming tractor trailer, and suffers visible damages.

In the left portion of the screen, something that was ejected from the car is moving, on the pavement. It takes a few fractions of a second to make out that a child had fallen out of the vehicle.

Daily Postal writes that she was not strapped in with a seat belt, and has suffered some injuries to her head and face. Since truck drivers noticed her and swerved, she miraculously survived the accident.

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