Watch: Baby Elephant Dives Head First in Woodchips

The elephant and its mother are fascinated by the pile of fresh wood chips in from of them

The Oregon Zoo recently released this video showing a baby elephant and its mother spending some quality time together and playing in a pile of fresh wood chips.

While Rose-Tu, the calf's mother, knows exactly how to use its trunk to get woodchips all over its body, its baby is only a few daily old and has no choice except dive head firs in the pile of wood carvings.

Still, the baby elephant hardly seems bothered by the fact that, unlike its mother, it has to roll around in the woodchips to make sure its body is entirely covered in them.

Quite the contrary: it looks as if this elephant calf is having the time of its life.

According to the Oregon Zoo, Rose-Tu and her calf took a bath just a couple of hours before playing around in woodchips, so it is safe to assume that keeping spick and span is not their top priority.

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