Watch: Atoms Star in the World's Smallest Movie

When bored, nanophysicists make movies featuring atoms as main characters

First off, let me just say: brace yourselves, this is one of the most mind-blowing cinematic productions you will ever get to see.

Not because of the plot (there's just one boy playing around with an atom, hence the movie's name: A Boy and His Atom), but because of who's starring in it.

Long story short, those dots on the screen are atoms, which is why this movie is now referred to as the world's smallest.

The only reason you can see these atoms is because the IBM crew made them look 100 million times bigger than they actually are.

The IBM researchers who pieced it together explain that they merely wished to have some fun, and show the world that science isn't all that boring as some imagine it to be.

Like all other great movies before it, this one also has a “making of” video, made available to you below.

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