Watch: Asteroid 1998 QE2 Has Its Own Moon

Radar imagery shows the space rock won't be visiting us alone

As reported, an asteroid dubbed 1998 QE2 is to pass by our planet this May 31.

What's interesting is that, unlike other space rocks that have cruised by our planet during these past years, this one is not traveling alone.

Astronomers say that, while observing the asteroid, they noticed that 1998 QE2 has its very own moon.

Check out the video above to see radar imagery of both the space rock and its satellite.

Measurements carried out thus far indicate that, while the asteroid's length is one of 1.6 miles (5.57 kilometers), that of its moon is one of roughly 2,000 feet (almost 610 meters).

Specialists expect that they'll be able to catch a better glimpse of the space rock in the hours to come, so stay tuned for more information. Perhaps even some pictures and videos.

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